The Board Retreat

The Board Retreat

This is supposed to go along with a response to a question about the audit on the UTSU facebook page.  It’s an explanation of what goes on at the UTSU board retreat.

The Board Retreat Agenda
The Board Retreat Agenda

Icebreakers: Ninja.

UTSU 101: includes stuff like our organizational structure, bylaws, policies, mission, etc.

Events and Programming: A workshop on how to run events.

The Budget: How the budget process works.

Services: What our services are now, and what they might be in the future.

Creating Inclusive Spaces: a.k.a. Equity Training

Educate Agitate and Organize: How to get stuff done for students (think provincial lobbying)

Activities: Free Time, basically. I spent mine playing volleyball, convincing someone that it would be good to have elections for the student commons management board, and doing laundry, as the only “packing” I did was throwing all my dirty clothes from my big suitcase for working in the field in rural Saskatchewan into my little suitcase. I got back to the office in saskatoon from kindersley, took a cab home, packed with the meter running in 5 minutes, and headed to the airport.

CFS Presentation: Some people from the CFS came and told us who they are and what they do, which is good because we give them lots of money.

Socials: Flipcup and Political Debate

Robert’s Rules of Order: Made by a sea captain, generally regarded as a necessary evil.

Board meeting: we had elections for the committees.

Departure: because I had to go back to work searching for rare plants in Kindersley.


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