Huron-Sussex Plan/I Went To This Meeting: Business Board 22 Sept 2014

Huron-Sussex Plan

Do you like cool architectural plans?  Then check out the Huron-Sussex Plan, which, aside from setting out how development in the Huron-Sussex neighborhood will happen (it’s that area behind Robarts).  This plan also represents a step forward in community relations (we hope).

Business Board Meeting

Now that I have real class, I no longer have time to write long meeting notes.  I’ve listed the public agenda items for the Business Board below.  If any of them sound interesting to you, then send me an email at ben[dot]coleman[at]mail[dot]utoronto[dot]ca and I’ll tell you all about it.

1. Introductions and Chair’s Remarks
2. Approvals Under Summer Executive Authority
3. Calendar of Business, 2014-15
4. Investments: Semi-Annual Update on Investment Performance
5. Endowments: Annual Report for the year ended April 30, 2014
6. Health and Safety: Quarterly Report on Compliance
7. Huron-Sussex Neighbourhood Planning Study (see above)
8. Report on Capital Projects as of September 30, 2014
a. Capital Projects: Under Construction
b. Capital Projects: Occupied
9. Moody’s Report: Tight Provincial Relationships Strengthen Credit Quality of Universities
in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec
a. Special Comment Regarding Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec
10. Status Report on Debt to September 30, 2014


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