Meric Gerlter addresses the Toronto Region Board of Trade

Gertler Board of Trade speech May 2014 Header Image

On May 28th, President Gerlter gave a speech at the Toronto Region Board of Trade, outlining his vision for the relationship between the city of Toronto and its namesake university.  You can view a transcript of the speech, along with presentation slides here:


I Listened to This Meeting: Governing Council, May 22

U of T Publications with Intl Coauthors
International collaboration is important to President Gertler’s strategy. This graph shows where we are already doing well.

I streamed the audio of this meeting from the public library of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, home of Canada’s largest privately-owned inland grain terminal.  It’s an exciting place.  (Better than Wollerton, at least).

On the agenda: a report from the president, a presentation from the VP Research and Innovation, phase two of the new architecture building, and an update on the student societies summit. Like all student leaders stuck in rural Saskatchewan, I listened to this meeting.

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I Went To This Meeting: Governing Council 8th April 2014

I had been made to believe that this meeting would be an epic event, an annual showdown where the most contentious decision of the year was made.  The “Raise Tuition” vote.  When I ran for governing council, this was a huge deal, with a full-blown student politics Facebook debate on the subject.  People have strong opinions on what student governors should do at this most crucial of meetings.

It was (in all honesty) a little dull.

On the agenda: a report from the President, the annual financial aid report (again), the tuition fee schedules for publicly-funded and self-funded programs, the annual budget report, and final approval for the expansion of the Downsview book storage facility.

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I Went to This Meeting: Business Board 31 March 2013

With a theme of “Human Resources and Equity,” I knew this meeting was going to be a non-stop thrill ride of business.  First on the agenda was the annual report of Angela Hildyard, the Vice-President of HR and Equity, followed by a high-octane review of employment equity and health and safety.  After that, the finance guys from the University of Toronto Asset Management corporation (UTAM) gave their annual report and presentation on the humongous pile of money that they look after, while making everyone feel like they had suddenly entered an economics lecture.  Transitioning from the pile of money we have to the pile of money we’ve borrowed, Sheila Brown, UofT’s CFO gave a report on our debt strategy.  Lastly, a motion was passed approving the budget for the group that looks after all those houses in the Huron-Sussex neighborhood that we own… apparently.

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Why I voted to approve Simply Voting for the UTSU election

I apologize for this taking longer than I said it would, but I decided to work on my homework instead, which is probably more important than student politicking.  I did, however, promise to give a full explanation of the title question, so without further ado, in two parts, here’s why I voted to approve the use of Simply Voting as the UTSU’s online election system.

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